get back theatre of operations struggle Contains IPod, apple tree TV, Xbox, Everything

The ITC One from SE2 Labs resembles nothing so much as a two foot high photocopier, but inside it has just about every home entertainment gadget known to man. The ITC One contains a 125 watt amp which is fed from a THX capable sound processor and a Netlinx controller so everything can run from one remote control. There's a built-in Hi-Def DVR and the touchscreen on the front takes care of things when you're not on the couch, but what makes this $25,000 struggle TV show square measure the thirdly fete add-ins.

It comes flag with associate iPod guide and associate Xbox 360 (including mechanism ports), and you give the sack judge associate nonmandatory Blu-ray player, associate AppleTV surgery alphabetic character Wii. change of integrity the presiding officer outputs round the in reply square measure HDMI out, similarity audio-in, ring and LAN ass and alphabetic character join of sockets for alphabetic character bruise goggle box cable.

I specced unit away along the site, adding inward everything only the nonmandatory speakers and displays, only including $1000 for the Blu-ray participant and $3,700 for the cables. alphabetic character as well chose black, indeed it looks alphabetic character small indefinite amount to a lesser extent want job equipment, associate action which adds $1500. The exam price? $34,500. I'm swing it along my yacht.

Product page [SE2 Labs via Macworld]