JVC Kills videocassette recorder absolutely

JVC has stopped making standalone VCR machines, and at the same time confirmed the fearful paranoia of my own rather forward thinking Father.

My Dad has a big collection of videotapes, mostly off-air recordings of Star Trek: The Next Generation (backed up by shop-bought copies of the other Star Trek franchises). Years ago, he foresaw the day when VCRs would no longer be sold, and to be sure, it's been hard to find one in stores for a while. His answer? He bought a spare machine, the exact same model as the one he currently uses. The spare was stored, unopened, in the attic, waiting for this very day.

It's over. Once JVC has sold all remaining stock, there will be no more VCR machines, although the company will still be supplying hybrid DVD/VHS boxes. Production lines will be switched over to camcorders, and the word "Rewind" on your remote control will finally become a quaint anachronism. Congratulations, Dad! We mocked you, but in the end you were right. And hey, maybe that old 8-Track you've been holding on to will come in useful one day, too.

JVC Ceases Production of Stand-Alone VCRs, Marking End of Era [Trading Markets via BBG]

Photo: willceau/Flickr